We help building the
Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT sensors are the foundation of every IoT ecosystem. They collect important environmental data and forward them to the backend.


In the near future, voice user interfaces will replace a lot of traditional UIs. Voice is the most natural way to interact with any IoT system.



IoT gateways are used to connect sensors to the cloud and to do IoT edge processing of sensor data to reduce cloud load.


IoT clouds manage devices, store sensor data, act on behalf of rules and trigger complex actions.

IoT Sensors

Sensors with IoT Connectivity


A Sensor for Every Use Case

Every IoT use-case requires different sensor and wireless technologies. We can integrate any sensor and most wireless technologies into a small sensor device to fit perfectly for your use case.

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IoT Voice

IoT Voice Interaction


"What is the temperature?"

Amazon's Alexa technology is a hugh step forward using voice technology. The open eco-system of Alexa allows developers to integrate custom voice skills. We help customers integrating voice technology into their IoT solutions.

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"Smoke detected!"

Voice technologies will transform user interaction fundamentally in all industries. From advertising and marketing to manufacturing companies, voice technology will have a major impact. If you want to be an early adopter feel free to contact us!

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IoT Gateways

Next Generation IoT Gateways


App Gateways

IoT gateways need to be much smarter than traditional gateways. They need to perform IoT edge processing and communicate to a growing number of different cloud providers. We believe that mobile platforms like Android offer the best foundation to build a future proof IoT gateway. Contact us if you need a mobile app gateway that runs 24/7 and connects to your IoT cloud.

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Integrated Gateways

With Android Things, all features from the Android platform will be available on cheap and small headless devices like the Intel Edison. This helps us build a full-featured gateway with a very small form-factor and reduced power consumption.

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IoT Clouds

Secure and Scalable IoT Cloud Integration


IoT Cloud Platforms

All major software companies provide IoT cloud platforms to build large scale and highly secure IoT clouds. We help you building your IoT cloud based on the best IoT platforms available on the market.

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IoT Core Communication

If you already have an IoT cloud we can help you to integrate existing devices and new sensors into your IoT solution using industry-standard technologies like MQTT, REST, and JSON.

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Why Us?

We help building the Internet of Things (IoT) for market leaders

ITH Labs

Deep Expertise

Our team has deep knowledge of a number of IoT sensors, gateways, platforms, protocols, frameworks and cloud solutions. We are very passionate about IoT and share our knowledge at various conferences.

ITH Labs

Industry Proven Technologies

Technology is a key factor to success. We use future-proof technologies that are run by billions of devices and gateways worldwide.

ITH Labs

Automotive Quality

We are experienced in building systems that run 24/7 and can be managed remotely. We have build highly reliable watchdog and recovery mechanisms and use the most professional testing and quality assurance concepts.

ITH Labs

20 Years Experience

For over 20 years in IoT engineering we help our customers delivering high quality products to the market. We have a world-class team of IoT hardware, firmware, and software engineers.

Our Services

We provide consulting and development services in the following areas

  • IoT Hardware
  • Design, Prototypes, Manufacturing
  • Hardware Development
  • Sensors
  • Gateways
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy / Mesh
  • NB-IoT / LoRa / 2G / 4G
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  • IoT Software
  • Design, Prototypes, Deployment
  • App Development
  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • Gateway Apps
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Fleet Management
  • iOS / Android
  • Linux / Java / OSGi / Node.js
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  • IoT Clouds
  • Design, Prototypes, Management
  • Cloud Integrations
  • Amazon AWS IoT
  • Amazon Alexa
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • Microsoft Azure
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Our services cover the whole eco-system of Internet of Things (IoT) using industry proven technologies. We have manufacturing partners in Germany and China for building world-class quality hardware.

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ITH Consulting GmbH is an engineering consultancy and development company that has a word-class team of Software, Firmware, and Hardware Engineers. Our engineers have over 20 years of experience in building IoT product development for the embedded and automotive industry. Our customers are major german automotive companies, global medical suppliers, and various access solution providers.

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